Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Domestic Diva Tuesday

Homemaking takes up a good portion of our duties as help meets to our husbands. Creating a haven that he can come home to and relax in takes time and effort. Many times we feel ourselves going around in circles trying to keep the house in decent order.

Take a minute and look at your home with another person's eyes. Is the table top full of papers that need to be moved aside for you to eat or write? Do you have plastic bowls in your cupboard that are discolored, broken or unusable? Are you collecting plastic bags for you to reuse but have too much of them? Look in your closet - clothes that don't fit anymore or are outdated and you know you will never wear them again? What about your children's toys - quite a few broken ones that they don't play with anymore? I could go on and on but you get the picture. Your home has clutter. Maybe that's the reason why you feel like you're going in circles and can't seem to keep the house in decent order.

Well, we are here to help you. We've mentioned the FlyLady before and for the month of February she is going to help us with our clutter. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to start. Take babysteps. Our homes did not get cluttered in a day and we can't expect to declutter it in a day with our lives already as busy as they are.

For those of you following the FlyLady system and are receiving her emails, you know that this month's habit is decluttering. FlyLady recommends that we declutter everyday. She suggests 15 minutes daily which can be done all at once or broken down in 5 min increments. Fly through the clutter this month and do it. You can do it! Even though you only end up decluttering every other day it still puts you way ahead of where you were. Just do something.

Here is a link to a little encouragement in your decluttering from the Fly Lady: DECLUTTER Listen and then click on the links below the audio to read some more. Let us bless our husbands by giving him a less cluttered home. It will free up much mental and physical energy for both you and him.

HAPPY DECLUTTERING! You're well on your way to being the help meet that God wants you to be. For more decluttering help CLICK HERE

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