Thursday, February 12, 2009

Be A Great Mama!

Those of us who have children can all testify to the fact we want to be great mothers. We want our children to be polite, well mannered, loving God, obedient etc. We don’t want to mess up our children and scar them for life.

We hear on the television, radio and read in books that the many problems that adults have came from something their parents did or did not do and it makes us scared. Scared to follow our God given instincts, scared to discipline, scared to train, scared to even love for fear of smothering our children.

We’re here to offer you some hope. God gave you those children you have. He did not give them to Mrs./Ms Perfect Mama down the road. (FYI – Shhh… Don’t tell anyone – Mrs./Ms Perfect Mama is looking at you as the perfect mama)

Back to the subject, God did not give your children to anyone else but you. If He felt that you were not good enough for them He would have given them to someone else. Do you hear that? God would have given someone else your children to take care of and train if He thought you were not good enough for them.

So, do yourself a favor mama and cut yourself some slack. God does not expect you to be perfect. Don’t you think He knows you and all your faults? Don’t you think He knows that you are not perfect? Yet still He chose you to be the mother to the children you have.

With that in mind step forward in confidence and let Him do it through you. Within you lies everything your children need to become adults that you will be proud of. Within you lies the strength, the ability, the wisdom, the love, the affection and all that your children need.

If you lack knowledge then seek it first in the word of God and then from reliable sources. Don’t go running to worldly psychologists to give you answers that are contrary to the word of God.

Being A Great Mama is all about being a positive role model and influence in your children’s lives, so that you can have a great relationship and they can grow up to be happy and successful individuals. Whether you have been a mother for a few years or many, be encouraged. Mothers, you are special and gifted by God to do right by your children.

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