Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Generous Wife tip for Wednesday January 28, 2009

Taking Care of Yourself Series ...       

Take care of your body. Please don't use this tip to beat
yourself up. Start where you are and begin to do little
things that will benefit your overall health.

* Food and Drink - eat breakfast, drink an extra glass of
water, cut down on the sweets (make it definable like,
"I'll eat two desserts a week."), start buying healthier
snacks to have around the house, etc.

* Exercise - go for a walk a couple of times a week, take
a dance class, join Weight Watchers or Curves, do five
minutes of stretching each morning, play tennis with your
husband, etc.

* Sleep and Rest - go to bed a half hour earlier, take a
cat nap, make sure you have a comfortable mattress, get
earplugs, have "quiet time" each afternoon, etc.

* Pampering - buy some new body lotion, paint your nails,
soak in a hot tub, get out in the sun (we all need a bit
of vitamin D), get a massage etc.

Your body is the house that you live in. Take care of it
and nurture it. Keep it strong and healthy so that it
will serve you for many years.

The body is a sacred garment. Martha Graham
Think generous! Lori

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