Saturday, December 6, 2008

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Saturday December 6, 2008

Here's a nice tip from a generous husband who listens in to the ladies' list: (thanks, Russell!)

     About 15 years ago I bought a Christmas package to Opry Land Hotel for [my wife] for Christmas and she loved it so much. (of course I had to go with her)  After we made that trip we decided instead of trying to buy each other gifts for birthdays, Father's/Mother's Day, anniversaries and Christmas that we would pool that money and make a trip together instead. ... It took the problem of trying to shop and buy something that the other one would like and need.  It just removed a lot of stress from our busy lives.  We would buy each other a nice card, go out to eat and enjoy each other.
     By the way when several of [my wife's] friends found out what I had done they were trying to get on the list to be the next [Mrs. Russell] if anything happened to her.  They loved the idea.

I think this tip has real merit (and a lovely sense of humor) because they were thinking outside of the box.  They didn't need more stuff and traveling is what they like to do.  Why do what you are "supposed" to do when you can do what you "want" to do.

For those looking for a fun travel adventure, consider the next Romance Cruise.

Think generous!  Lori <><

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