Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Domestic Diva Tuesday


How to Be a Domestic Diva

We weren't all born to be like Martha Stewart, who has worn for some time the unofficial title of "America's Domestic Diva." But we can learn to clean, cook, sew, garden, decorate, design, dress, craft, entertain and socialize perfectly and with panache.

Step 1
Choose a motto for your domestic diva style. Something like, "I will reinvent the ordinary and make it extraordinary" or "I want my world to be simple, sweet and sensuous." This will become the theme of your life and most of your effort, time and money should be devoted to its creation.

Step 2
Assess if perhaps you aren't already a domestic diva and have just been too busy with the domestic part to enjoy the diva part. For example, if you've ever taught a complete stranger in a department store how to make a bow out of little pieces of ribbon or sent out invitations to a party you've penned in calligraphy yourself, you're probably already seasoned in the arts of, well, most everything domestic.

Step 3
Get organized. You're "nodiva" 'til everybody knows there's a place for everything and everything's in its place--at your place. Expert domestic divas such as Flylady.net will get you there fast.

Step 4
Learn to do it yourself. If your mother wasn't a domestic diva in her own right, you'd better take a generous portion of time to learn how to do everything you want to do, one thing at a time. For example, instead of just declaring your intent to become a domestic diva and trying to learn everything at once, take three months to learn to become a very good cook, three months to become an expert housekeeper, thee months to learn arts and crafts, and so on. By the end of year one, you'll be far ahead of most people and you'll start showing shades of a domestic diva.

Step 5
Stay flexible. If after a year you find yourself frustrated, start over.

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